1982 Report from Paul Wax

Paul Wax writes from California:

… In case anyone’s interested, I’m presently squaring away some tax liabilities on two small businesses I owned, neither of which sent the Dewar’s copywriters running.

Like everyone else, I’m cooking a bestseller, but in my case, it’s not hallucination, do you see. My hobbies are photography; fast driving (CHP doesn’t have radar, the roads here are stupendous, and the Lord Himself drives a BMW, although His is turbocharged); target shooting (don’t have the heart to blast those little woodland creatures, but if Colonel Qaddafi sticks his head out of the brush at Yosemite an exception will be made); unsuccessful romances (more dangerous than full-throttle Interstate blitzes, undoubtedly because the ladies in question weren’t Parker ladies); watching great old Warner Brothers and Walter Lantz cartoons; sneering at Golden Turkeys; and reactionary politics.

Anyhow, all that frenzied activity somehow leaves an idle moment or two – certainly time enough to answer letters from any Parkerite who’d care to write. Er… ahem… ladies? Alumnae? Any of you unclaimed by neurosurgeons and Saudi princes? I’m not the drip you knew and loathed: sez I, that’s who.


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