Patti Wilson, 1953–2010

Patricia Anne Rosas

Patricia Anne Rosas

Patricia Anne Rosas

From the press clippings:

Patricia Anne Rosas died on Dec. 23, 2010, at the age of 57. She was a bright, compassionate, gentle person who contributed enormously to the Santa Cruz River Valley community. She will be sorely missed.

She lived in Rio Rico, which is South of Tucson, not far from Nogales, AZ. Born in Berkeley; graduated from UCSD with an MA in Latin American Studies where she worked until moving to Arizona. She was a professional editor and Spanish translator. She is survived by daughter Karla (Erick), grandson Danny, sister Sally Dowd, brother Henry Wilson. Memorial gathering on March 5th, 1:00 p.m., at Avalon Gardens in Tumacacori, AZ.

She was an avid native plant gardener and was previously active in the salon movement. Pat sent me this update via email in 2004:

Patty Wilson, 1967

Patti Wilson, 1967

I attended FWP from third through eighth grade, and then my family moved to California. I used to live in 2920 Commonwealth, the same building that Gary Goldblatt lived in.

This afternoon (Jan. ’04), I happened to read something about a Jane Rosenblum, and I thought, “Is that Jane …. no, it’s Rosenbluth…” and (avoiding my project, I suppose), I typed her name in Google. Up came the 30th reunion scrap book, and eventually, I got to the page where my name was listed as MIA.

Everyone I saw in the photographs looked healthy and happy, and it gave me great pleasure to turn those electronic pages. So, here I am, reporting in to say that I am alive and well (although much deprived for not having finished all my schooling at Parker).

I live in Tucson where I am a self-employed editor and translator working in the social sciences. I count among my clientele a former president of Mexico and social scientists in the United States and throughout Latin America.

For fun, I co-founded the Tucson Conversation Cafés, which is part of a national salon movement that started in Seattle. I’m also a self-anointed “community activist,” teaching about voluntary simplicity and simple-living practices. These days, I spend more time sitting with books and people than riding on mountain bikes or skis, but I do swim laps, go to the gym, or hike almost daily — and then I come home and take a nap!

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