Karen Thanos 2011 Update

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin did some sleuthing on the Web and was able to track down Karen, who has been living in Europe for 30 years. Her dad still lives in Chicago, so she is hoping to make a visit that coincides with our reunion in September, 2011. Here are some excerpts from notes from Karen.

Karen Thanos

Karen Thanos

I am living in Appenzell, Switzerland. My husband, who is German, and I moved here in 2000 and before that we were living in Krefeld, Germany. I moved to Europe in 1981, after meeting my husband on his very first (business) trip to the U.S. and conducting a trans-Atlantic relationship for 2 years. We do not have any children together but he has a son and daughter from his first marriage who are adults now.

I have nothing but wonderful memories of everyone at Parker and was so broken hearted when we moved to La Jolla.  I was not then, and never will be, a southern California girl.

The best thing about having lived in southern California was that it lead me to Oregon. I went to the U of O in Eugene and graduated from there in 1975 and then spent that summer working in Bend at Sunriver as a waitress and the other half of the summer for the Mt Hood Forestry Service as a firefighter.

I’m in the metals business and have been since 1976. I supply raw materials to producers of specialty steels and super alloys. That’s how I met my husband.  It was a great business for meeting men. I really didn’t think I’d get married but then my husband came along and that was it – love at first sight – so to speak.

Karen Thanos in 1968

Karen Thanos in 1968

At about age 14 or 15, Jane, Jim, Bobby and Rick (and others?) used to skip Sunday school and hang out with Karen:

It was so great having all of you stop at our house on Sunday morning instead of going to Sunday school. My mom loved it, too.

When is our 40th reunion? I would very much like to come and see everyone again.

Thank you very much for getting in touch with me.


In May, 2011, Karen visited Chicago and Had lunch with Jane.

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin and Karen Thanos

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin and Karen Thanos, May, 2011

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