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Gary Goldblatt

Gary & Denise

[Gary was part of our class in grade school]

My family moved to Wilmette for my 6th grade. Graduated from New Trier in 1972. Played Varsity Football and ran track, Graduated Indiana University in 1976, Marketing/Adv degree.

Married a Bloomington girl, Denise, still married after 35 years, moved to Cinci for first job then to San Francisco for another job. Our 2 kids: Marina, 31, and married w/no kids yet and Robert, 26, were born in California.

Returned to Buffalo Grove, Illinois in 1986 for a job and to take care of my parents who were up in age. My kids graduated Stevenson High School and work locally. My Daughter graduated Indiana University in Journalism and my son graduated from Elmhurst College with a Management degree and is going for his masters in the fall. He played baseball all his life and made it to the minor leagues until injuring his shoulder. He was a pitcher.

I play baseball on a senior men’s league, MSBL. I work in retail for the Target Corporation and live in Mundelein, Illinois. We have adopted 4 cats, all of which were homeless at the time. I’m a Chicago Bears season ticket holder and attend the Indy 500 every year. I love to travel, get together with family and friends, and stay active.

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