Reunion Update: Using Google as a verb

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin has been putting Google through its paces.

Karen Thanos – Then & Now

Karen Thanos – Then & Now

Jane found a certain Karen Thanos living in Switzerland. Just the right age. Could it be the Karen that spent 9th and 10th grades with us? Yup, it’s her, and she still visits Chicago regularly to see her dad. She’s planning to make a visit to coincide with our reunion September 23rd-25th. That’s Karen then and now in the photos on the left. Read the update Karen sent us.

Part of Our 5th Grade Class

Gary Goldblatt, second from right in the bottom row, 5th grade

We’ve also gotten back in touch – thanks to Betsy – with Gary Goldblatt (from grade school, see photo) and heard from Barry Witlin and Jill Ratner, who plan to attend the reunion.

We’ll share more info as it trickles in.

Be well,
Ricky Ray and the gang of hosts (Jane, Betsy, Ephraim, Carmela, Henry and Edie)

P.S. We are looking for an email address for these classmates:
Isolde Koenig Anderson
Scott Bernat
Charles Kennedy
Steven Lloyd
Marilyn Manning
Susan Gootrad Reilly
David Spencer
Crist Stevenson

And we have no contact info at all for Shirley Greene-Scales, Peter Friedman or David Chen.


Two months after Jane reconnected with Karen online, Karen visited Chicago and had lunch with Jane.

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin and Karen Thanos

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin and Karen Thanos, May, 2011

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