2011 Update from Isolde


Isolde Anderson (Koenig)

Isolde Anderson (Koenig)

Hi Everyone,

I’d forgotten about this website and kept wondering, when I read the print version of FWP’s alumni news, why we never had any news there from our class.

In brief, since the last reunion I attended [1991], I earned a PhD from Northwestern and now teach Communication at Hope College in Michigan. My husband of 33 years and I have 2 grown daughters and one grandchild, who lives in Grand Rapids.

A few years ago I enjoyed attending Steven Lloyd’s wedding in Oak Park (he had attended mine 30 years earlier).

A bit of Parker trivia – I am still writing to my Israeli pen pal from 7th grade. Remember when Mrs. Gerber arranged for us to have pen pals from a kibbutz named Gvar-Am? I’ve visited Esther twice, in Israel. And she’s visited me twice in Chicago. I also have an edition of the Parkerite from 3rd grade with articles written by Susie Fried and Henry Davis. Fun memories. I look forward to seeing you all in September.

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  1. Rick Ray04-19-2011

    Love the penpal story! Looking forward to seeing you in September.

  2. Isolde Anderson04-13-2016

    Thank you to all who are working to organize the 45th reunion in September. I will be there and look forward to catching up with many of you! My Israeli penpal from 7th grade is visiting me again in July – the first time in Michigan. Doesn’t feel like 50 years since I opened her first letter to me during Morning Ex.