Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin’s 2011 Update


Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin and Karen Thanos

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin and Karen Thanos, May, 2011

Jane has enjoyed sharing with her sons the excitement of the worlds Edie Pattou created in her books, thinking about the twisted beauty of the art Mary Hines makes, and joining the hordes of Steve Levitt’s fans at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

She spent 15 years as an actively involved Parker parent, and has just resigned from the board of trustees. While at Parker, she learned how to use auctions to raise money for non-profits, and has applied that knowledge around town, to great personal satisfaction.

Her nursing career started in starched white uniforms, white hose and white shoes, working on a hematology-oncology unit, taking care of people who felt terrible, and progressed (or anyway, turned into) an office job in street clothes working in the infection control program, trying to figure out how to keep patients, staff and visitors safe from each other, and washing her hands.

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  1. Rick Ray05-20-2011

    Jane, you were a trendsetter when you worked on controlling infections in hospitals. Here’s a
    story about a recent successful program here in Portland.

    • Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin05-21-2011

      Good for them! Changing the culture of an organization is a massive undertaking.