Note from Elizabeth McCarthy


Betsy got this note from Elizabeth and got the OK to share it with us all.


Thank you for reaching out.  I will be there, coming from northern California (Sebastopol) for my first reunion in … 40 years.  My husband will join us for at least a bit of the weekend – he has other visiting to do in Chicago, too.

Your reminiscing got me … reminiscing.  I too remember overnights at Linda’s, and hope she is also coming.  (Was her email on this distribution?)  I remember listening to records at Carmela’s (vinyl, how dated is that!) and am glad she will be there.  I thought I knew everyone in the class, but I must admit there are a couple names that I too am drawing a blank on.  However I can at least faintly picture all three Davids, from once upon a time.

Looking forward to re-uning and catching up with some long lost (or maybe I’m the one) classmates.

Until then,

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  1. Billy Idol10-03-2011

    What a beautiful gift to us all, Rick – thank you so much! It was wonderful to be a part of your celebration 10,000 miles and 18 hours away. Much love to you lovely middle-aged folks… Bill