Note from Frank Koszyk

Jane Rosenbluth Baldwin has corresponded with Frank, who will be traveling and miss our 40th reunion, but shared an update for this website:

Frank Koszyk

Frank Koszyk

It’s nice to hear from you and happy to know you are doing well. I’m happy to share as well. “Frank” – ??  I think people outside of FWP were calling me that and so before college that became my moniker.

After getting BA and MS degrees in chemistry, I went on to the pharmaceutical industry, working mainly in medicinal (organic) chemistry for 22 years, and picked up an MBA during that time, although not doing business-type work. Then, a career change, and now I’m a patent agent at a downtown law firm.

My wife and I live in Prospect Heights, a NW suburb.  Apart from 6 years outside of Chicago during schooling years, I ended up back in the area.  So that’s it.

Again, nice to hear from you, and my best to all.

Best regards,
Frank (formerly known as “Francis”) Koszyk

And Frank is just as modest as he was in his “Francis” days at Francis Parker. His firm points out that, “He is co-author of 10 scientific publications, a named inventor on 36 granted U.S. patents, and the agent of record on 10 U.S. issued patents.”

Looking forward to seeing you at our 50th, Frank!

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