Note from Skip with cameo by Henry and Gardy


Skip can’t be with us for reunion this time, but sends this report:

Henry, Gardy and Skip, September, 2011

Henry, Gardy and Skip, September, 2011

Greetings classmates. I wish I could join you this weekend, but events have conspired against it.

I can’t believe I will miss the return of some old old friends that I have not seen in a long time, leaving me without the chance to ask Goldblatt what really did happen in Walgreen’s that Saturday afternoon, asking Gibby how that chair left the train on the way back from Hannibal, or checking to see if Jimmy Marienthal recalls those rocks we used to kick down around the driving range at Diversey. (I fear that my paragraph would not satisfy Mrs. Moulton, as I am not sure there is a so what.)

I did have a mini-reunion of sorts at Wrigley Field last night with Stern and Hank Davis. I hope you guys have as much fun as we did.

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  1. Rick Ray09-21-2011

    Wrigley! I love this photo. We’ll miss all three of you characters at this reunion.