“Mrs. Johnson” – an update on our 8th grade teacher

Rick Ray and Margo Glenn (formerly Mrs. Johnson)

Rick Ray and Margo Glenn (formerly Mrs. Johnson) in Manzanita on the Oregon Coast, April, 2012

A couple of times each year, Rick and Anne go to the Oregon coast and stay at the vacation home of good friends David Lifton (U High, class of ’70) and Beverly Wong. Directly across the street lives a very smart and friendly gal named Margo Glenn. When we were at Parker, we knew her as Mrs. Johnson, one of the two 8th grade teachers. She left Parker even before we graduated, but remembers her students well.

Oregon Coast, near Manzanita

Oregon Coast, near Manzanita

Margo has retired to the wonderful Oregon coast town of Manzanita. She get’s regular visits from her children and grandkids, and friends, too.

She keeps up on (and stays involved in) local politics and can fill you in.

If you’re on the Oregon coast, be sure to stop by for a visit!

Neahkanie Sunset

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  1. David Henner04-17-2012


    I am delighted to see you in the picture with Margo Glenn.

    It must have been about 20 years ago when a new English teacher came on board at the high school in Albuquerque where I was teaching. I had heard that her name was Margo Glenn. I remember seeing her walk into the teachers’ lounge at lunch on her first day and immediately I was taken back to the eighth grade. At the time I figured it was at best an “implanted memory” or at worst a recurring sixties decade hallucination. In any case, I later found out that she was indeed “Mrs. Johnson”, that it was a remarkable coincidence, and that in fact some faces are never forgotten. Fortunately she has either forgotten or forgiven me and my compadres for all of the trouble we created back at FWP.

    I am happy to see that she is enjoying the lovely Oregon coast. Please convey my best wishes.

    • Rick Ray04-17-2012

      Great story, David.

  2. Elizabeth04-19-2012

    Rick, thanks so much for the news of Margo Glenn. When I entered Parker in 8th grade, “Mrs. Johnson” was my first homeroom teacher. Ah, the year we studied Chinese History.

    • Jane Baldwin10-12-2012

      I can sort of remember your traveling speech on the evils of Spitting at Random.

  3. Betsy Townsend06-27-2013

    Taught with Margo Glenn in Albuquerque. Lost track of her in our retirement. My best wished to her!