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Edie’s Story

These images tell the story of Edie Pattou Emery’s experience with books from childhood, through being a teenage at F. W. Parker School in Chicago, to adulthood and being an author of children’s literature. View the slideshow with larger images here. [set_id=72157627802247632]

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Remembering Robert

by Edie Pattou Emery My friendship with Robert began with a phone call in 9th grade. We were both in Latin class and one night he called to ask about homework. But he was a little nervous and when he said “This is Bobby” his voice cracked and to me it sounded like he said “This is Barley.” I said …

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Edie’s Update from 1996

Edith Pattou Emery is a graduate of Scripps College, with an M.A. in English literature from Claremont Graduate School and an M.L.S. from UCLA. A writer of fiction for children, she writes: I would say that one of the most valuable aspects of my education at Parker was the way it kindled and nourished my curiosity.” From Mrs. Moulton’s ‘So whats’ to Barr …

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Edie’s Report from 1991

It’s a memorable year for Edith Pattou Emery who gave birth to a baby girl, Victoria, last August. In October of this year, her first novel, Hero’s Song, will be published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

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