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Ricky’s 2011 Bio


Life as a Mashup All my life I’ve benefitted from odd combinations that have chosen to stick together. It began with my parents. My Dad was one of five sons in a Jewish immigrant family on the south side of Chicago. My mother’s parents were Baptist sharecroppers from Southern Indiana. They built on that mashup by getting the farm where …

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Ricky’s Update from 1996

Rick Ray received a B.A. from Antioch College. He now works “about four days a week as part of the management team of a small educational software company. I also chair the board of a regional environmental non-profit.” He adds that “I love wilderness, adventure, old friends and family.” What he values from his Parker experience is: critical thinking, exposure …

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Ricky’s Post from 1986

Ricky Ray has been living in Portland, Oregon, for eight years. He’s currently the television production supervisor for local cable TV. Old friends are encouraged to contact and visit.  

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