Reunion 2001 Photos & Recap

Some of us got together on Friday evening at Robert London’s loft and on Saturday afternoon at Parker. Thanks Susie for extra photos. Looking at these snapshots it’s hard to believe Bobby is no longer with us.

On Friday evening, a few of us were to meet at Bobby’s loft for a beverage before going to a restaurant. Everyone was having such a good time in his warm and eclectic place that we couldn’t be pried away. We ended-up bringing the dinner in to Bobby’s new home, so he got more than he bargained for. This smaller gathering made it easier to really connect with one another.

Saturday evening was our main event. Jane and David Baldwin opened their home to 28 members of the class of ’71. When you add spouses and Parkerites from other years, we totaled 43. The impossible challenge was to try to speak to every classmate. I, for one, didn’t get around to everyone, barely stopping to sample the tasty food Jane had arranged for us. We did, true to form, manage to drink quite a bit of wine. Susie, Janet and Barry flew in from the Eastern seaboard. David Henner came from his home in New Mexico. Thanks again Jane and David for hosting.

Parker also held the school’s 100th Anniversary that weekend.  Photos by Susie & Ricky.

For a larger images, view the slideshow on Flickr.

Friday Night at Bobby London's 1

Robert London

Heidi and Susie

Rick - Heidi - Edie - Carmela - John

Kate - Larry - Janet

Friday Night at Bobby London's

Edie and Bobby

Janet and Guest

Heidi - Susie - Kate

Barry - Rick - Bobby

Anne Philipsborn - Jane - Rick - Heidi - Robert London

Kate - Rick - Jane - Heidi - Barry - Edie - Susie - Bobby

At Parker on Saturday Afternoon

Chuck and Crist

Bill - Edie - Barry

Kathy Bendix - Bobby - Janet

Steve Ll - Ephriam

David - Robert De Blois

Jane - Isolde - Susie

Bobby - Melody Oates

John - Rick - Henry

Peter - Chuck - Steve Levitt


David Henner - Isolde - Julie Rivkin Wheeler

Henry - Carmela - Edie - Mary

Henry - Carmela - Susie - Edie - Mary

David Henner - Peter O'Callaghan - Robert De Blois

Chuck and Heidi

Steve Meyer - Robert London

Susan and Bill

Chuck and Crist

Saturday Night at Jane's

Saturday Night at Jane's



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